Our Families

After 13 years, 75% of the Saranam families have left the program successfully and we have been in contact with 64%. 100% who left successfully remain stable after one year.

Requirements for Saranam Families

  • Be drug free
  • Participate Fully in Educational / Vocational Training Program
  • Develop Family Transition Plan
  • Incrementally pay their own living expenses and save income toward their own independence
  • Be willing to commit to end their homelessness

Summary of our Families

Saranam has housed 102 families

Household Makeup

  • Twelve have been 2-parent households

Number of Adults:  119 (mostly single mothers)

Number of Children: 205

Contributing Factors of homelessness in Saranam Families are:

  • Substance Abuse                        15.7 %
  • Domestic Violence                       50 %
  • Mental Health                              10.5 %
  • Relationship/family Problems       50 %
  • Poor Economy                            42 %


# Families Applied for the Saranam Program in 2016 :   54

Quotes from residents

  • Saranam is the program of new opportunities my family and I have been waiting for!
  • My furture is going to be amazing. I want to do something great. I am going to work hard for it.
  • If that's the quality of students you are producing, I want to be here.
  • I am looking forward to saying, "Let's go home."
  • I want to make a difference in this world. Be a model for my kids.
  • The more my kids see me achieve the more they want to achieve.
  • I am glad I have the opportunity to have my children respect me for what I am doing.
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