Saranam Values Community Partners

Collaborating / Program Partners:

Central United Methodist Church

Frances Thaxton Ash Homes, LLC

Referrals – 107 referring organizations

Resource Partners:

Funders, Grantors, Corporate Sponsors

Community Speakers

Child Care Centers

Restaurants provide food for activities

Supporting Partners:


Volunteer groups = 33 civic, corporate & faith-based groups

Individual Volunteers = 563  

Volunteer Hours = 3733

Central United Methodist Church

Saranam was endowed by a member of Central United Methodist Church.  This endowment continues to provide funding for the organization that covers all administrative and development costs.  It was decided before Saranam existed that no religious reqirement or education would be a part of Saranam programming.



United Way of Central New Mexico


If you would like to give through the United Way of Central New Mexico:

In the top right hand corner click on "Donate" 

On the left hand side click "Specific Charity" 

Enter:  Saranam, LLC

Central New Mexico Community College