Our Process

"Low Income is associated with low education attainment. Attainment of high school/GED increases earning potential +$7000 annually. Attainment of Associates Degree/some college increases earning potential +$5000 annually. (Working Poor Family Project, 2008, NM Voices for Children)

Saranam requires adults to continue their formal education. Someone who comes into our program without a GED will likely exit our program with not only their GED, but also some college increasing their earning potential by $12,000 annually. 

Six Steps to Self-Sufficiency


Step 1: Intake/Orientation

Provide the basics (food, clothes, housing); each family has its own apartment; assessment of and resourcing for primary issues/needs; beginning goal-setting; children’s needs (child care/school)

Step 2: Education/Personal Development

Begin working on adult education issues; begin life skills trainings (30-40 hours/week)

Step 3: Vocational Development

Vocational assessment (interests/abilities); vocational goal setting; employment training, vocational school or other training (40 hours/week)

Step 4: Job Placement/Employee Support

Assist and support family as adults move into work; balance of job, family, finances, etc.

Step 5: Independent Living

Provide support and case management for family as they move into their own apartment/house (off program property)

Step 6: Independence

Graduation from Program – Saranam is still available for friendship and some case management