Services Provided

"Parents must have safe, reliable child care in order to work and look for work. High-quality child care costs more than tuition at New Mexico's universities, so too many parents must settle for low-quality care where their children are less likely to get the preparation they need for success in school." (Annie E. Casey Fopundation's 2013 National KIDS COUNT).

Saranam guides parents through the process of choosing the right daycare based on their children's individual needs. This allows parents to focus on their education, knowing that their children are content. 


  • Free housing and Basic Needs for Living (for up to 2 years)
  • Furnished apartment with phone and utilities, located in supportive/safe community

Adult Education

  • GED preparation
  • Life skills such as parenting, budgeting, domestic violence and addiction education, time management/organization, home maintenance, basic cooking/health and nutrition
  • Vocational/trade skills through Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)
  • Scholarship funds for tuition, school supplies, tools and uniforms
  • Child care so adults can attend school

Children's Programming


The Children’s S.T.a.R. Center (Support, Tutoring and Resources) provides:

        ·         After school activities that meet our Saranam families’ specific needs

        ·         Strong focus on effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skills activities that challenge our children and families, and makes learning fun

        ·         Safe and engaging environment where we learn how to interact with, perceive, influence and relate to others to enhance our lives, and promote academic success

        ·         Opportunities for community and volunteer engagement to have a positive impact on a child’s future   

Case Management

  • Goal setting and followup
  • Assistance with referrals for health/dental
  • Crisis management
  • Counseling
  • Random drug tests


  • Bus passes
  • Gas stipend

Opportunities for participation in community activites.

Saranam belives that being a part of a community is very important.  We provide opportunities to participate in social activities within the Saranam community as well as encourage families to get involved in their own communities.  Saranam does not require participation in any religious activity