This November, American Home Furniture and Mattress donated 35 new mattresses to Saranam- a gift valued at over $13,000! This generous contribution will provide all the families who join us in 2022 with a safe, comfortable place to sleep and a part of a home all their own.

We celebrated the donation drop off with American Home Marketing Manager, Jack Freed, and were joined by Heidi Shultz from Family & Community Services with the City of Albuquerque.

We took a special moment to talk about what this wonderful donation means.

Why is American Home making this donation to Saranam?

– Jack Freed, American Home Furniture and Mattress

American Home Furniture and Mattress has a long-standing history in New Mexico; we’ve been here over 85 years, locally owned and operated. It’s always been a core principle to help the local community and teaming up with Saranam makes great sense because they’re such a strong partner in helping to end homelessness.

How will this donation help Saranam?

– Jen Clear, Saranam Housing Coordinator

People in Albuquerque are so generous but there are certain things that people use until they’re not good anymore and mattresses tend to be one of those things. Your mattress is a big expense and so you keep it until there’s not a lot of life left in it. It’s great for us to get mattresses that have new life in them that families can keep for years to come.

What impact do you want these mattresses to have?

– Jack Freed, American Home Furniture and Mattress

We would love to play a small part to solving the homelessness crisis in Albuquerque and in helping families get back on their feet and moving forward. We want this donation to help make our city as great as we know it can be.

What does this donation mean for the families who receive the mattresses?

 Tracy Weaver, Saranam Executive Director

One of the ways we help families entering Saranam feel cared for is to give every person a bed of their own in their new fully furnished apartment home.  A bed not only gives them the dignity and security of a place to rest while they focus on building their futures, but it represents the start of their new lives. Having a bed and furniture to take with them when they leave shows families that they have a home, wherever they go.

“When I told my daughter (we got in the program), she said, ‘Do I get to have my own bed?’ Not only did she get her own bed, she got her own room! For once in my life, I felt like I was precious to someone.  Someone really cared that I succeeded. It took someone else believing that I am worth something to make me believe that I am.”- Saranam alumnus

What is your wish for the families receiving these mattresses?

– Jack Freed, American Home Furniture and Mattress

Our wish for your future is that everything is bright. I was always taught “this too shall pass”, and with hard work and good people helping you, situations can change.


Thank you so much to American Home Furniture and Mattress for believing in our families and being an amazing  partner in their journey from homelessness to home!35 new mattress boxes stacking in the Saranam warehouse