Nov 29 2023

A Story Worth Telling

By: Christine Long, Saranam Board Member As an ethics lawyer I am asked to speak or teach quite a bit. Without fail I am asked to provide a short bio. I hate having to provide a short bio. How do you sum up your career, interests, and accomplishments in a short bio? Plus, I hate …

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Oct 12 2023

Understanding Homelessness, Part 2

The Myths We Accept About Homelessness…But Should Question By: Sonyia Hartwell, MSSW and Saranam supporter Sonyia Hartwell is a volunteer at Saranam with several decades of non-profit leadership experience, including nearly 20 years at four different organizations working with persons experiencing homelessness. She has worked directly with clients, managed large and small programs, and served …

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Aug 29 2023

Understanding Homelessness, Part 1

By: Sonyia Hartwell, MSSW and Saranam supporter My name is Sonyia Hartwell and I am a volunteer at Saranam.  Before my retirement, I worked for 28 years in non-profit agencies. All but ten of those years involved working with persons experiencing homelessness in four different organizations.  I worked directly with clients, managed large and small …

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Aug 1 2023

A Winning Approach

By: Jennifer Walsh, Saranam Volunteer Shortly after we moved to Albuquerque in 2018, our relatively new 55+ community held a fundraiser with all of the proceeds going to Saranam.  I have been hooked ever since! In the last five years, I have not only donated money, but have also spent many hours volunteering in various …

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Apr 4 2023

There’s No Place Like Home

By: Janie Rowe, Saranam Board Member I became involved with Saranam in 2008 when my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop was part of a team to decorate an apartment.  My daughter was 12 years old at the time and the stories we heard inspired us both.  After 2 years of helping her troop decorate an apartment, …

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Mar 3 2023

Saving for a Secure Future

As a 2-generation program, our goal is for families to learn how to budget and build enough savings and assets to achieve financial security and freedom. Through a partnership with Rio Grande Credit Union (RGCU) and Prosperity Works, members of our alumni program can establish savings accounts for themselves and their children with an amazing …

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Nov 3 2022

Belonging, together

Saranam is a place of belonging. As residents, our families know that they hold a valued place and that their voices inform and guide our work. As staff, we recognize that the unique contributions of our lived experiences and areas of expertise elevates our work to its highest effectiveness. And as a community, we believe …

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Jun 10 2022

Saranam Legacy Family Circle

By: Janice Honeycutt Hering   We all want to help as much as possible. We see the potential in our community, but with the daunting enormity of needs, it is important that our resources go as far as they can. Janice Honeycutt Hering, a longtime donor and former Board member, wanted to do more to …

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May 26 2022

Putting Mental Health First

By: Jennifer Mullen, Program Director Who? Everybody who walks through our doors has a story, a history, and their own struggles. Not only does the stress of experiencing homelessness take a toll, most of the people we serve have also experienced trauma or abuse, which can lead to other mental health issues that we help …

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Apr 29 2022

Building Community: The RoofAngel Program

New Mexico has a lot to recommend it, but we think you’ll agree that it is the great people and businesses working to help others that make our state so special. Saranam was recently the recipient of an amazing gift from one of these outstanding local businesses, RoofCare. Through their RoofAngel program, RoofCare recently completed …

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