A safe home opens the door to a better future.

Housing ends homelessness. That’s why every Saranam family lives in a fully furnished apartment. It’s not just a place to call home, it’s the scaffolding for the education and community that families undertake to overcome poverty.

On their first day with us, families move into their own apartment in our 24-unit complex in Albuquerque. Each apartment has a kitchen and is furnished, fully stocked, and custom decorated. It’s a turning point. They know they’re finally safe and have the foundation they need to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

For Saranam families a safe home means:

  • Protection from the elements and all the risks of homelessness
  • Control over their environment
  • Childcare support
  • Access to quality schools
  • Consistent phone and internet service
  • Community to offer support and friendship

Families are welcome to take all of the furnishings in their apartment when they exit, making it easy for them to set up their next home.

Creating a home for every family

More than 150 volunteers spend about 750 hours preparing our apartments for new families. They transform each unit into a cozy home with furniture, accessories, and personalized decorations from our warehouse. Then they stock the apartments with personal care items, paper goods, and food. Everyday items including toiletries, diapers, and cleaning supplies are replenished monthly.  When our families are ready to move on, they’re invited to take everything in their apartment with them, so they can start their new lives in comfort.

Take a look into our beautiful apartments!

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Help us welcome Saranam families home

We’re always looking for energetic volunteers to set up apartments and work with our families.  Volunteer your time. We gratefully accept donations from the community.