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There are many ways to support our life-changing work.

Saranam is an organization dedicated to ending homelessness for families by offering a combination of housing, education and community allowing families to break the cycle of homelessness and create empowered futures.

Since 2004, Saranam has served 172 families in Albuquerque: including 196 adults and 362 children. These lives are permanently altered for the better. Saranam families exit the program with a nearly 80% success rate. These successes include permanent, safe, stable living situation, completion of a degree or certificate, and newly forged relationships and community supports.

Investing in Saranam and the lives of our families is vital to our community and there are so may ways to help.


… we have better grades in school.
… I speak up for myself.
... we have a dining table to eat together as family.
… my son made new friends and became a great swimmer.
… I am the first person in my family to get a high school diploma.