My heart is full of gratitude. After long months of quarantine, I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this year. As we all gathered around the table, I was taken aback by how this holiday felt like a new beginning. 

It brought to mind how Saranam provides new beginnings for families in New Mexico.

Our mission to empower families to end their homelessness and poverty through housing, education, and supportive communities has never been more important. This organization makes a profound and meaningful generational impact that truly changes family trees. 

What a gift it must have been for Saranam families to celebrate a holiday in a place that was more than a roof over their heads, but a place they call home. I couldn’t be more honored to be just a small part of their new beginning.  

I got involved with Saranam long ago as a volunteer decorator and was taken aback by the breadth of services they provide. Over the years I have dived deeper and deeper into their mission, eventually becoming a Board member. I am proud of how we have grown the organization’s work and its ability to meet the growing needs in our community.  

The magic of Saranam is that it provides the engine for families to reimagine their lives and then provides the means to make that dream come true. Adults not only change and enhance their lives during the two-year residence at Saranam, but also improve the trajectory of their children’s lives.  Saranam’s successful multigenerational approach to homelessness is another remarkable feature of this life altering program. 

Now, Saranam has embarked on a plan to double its capacity and will break ground on a new campus early next year. The new construction will provide sustainable, energy efficient homes, classrooms and playgrounds which will enrich the lives of many additional families. 

As many of us were fortunate to spend time with loved ones in the comfort of our homes, I encourage each of you to deliberately think about how you can make a difference in the lives of families putting in the hard work to make generational change.  I chose to give my time and gifts to Saranam because it makes transformational changes in families lives in an efficient and cost-effective way. With a 76% success rate, Saranam has a proven record.    

Please consider Saranam as a most worthy recipient of your year-end giving. Your gift “WILL” make a substantial difference in the lives of Saranam families.